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2024 ODI Conference Agenda

April 9-10, 2024

Salem Convention Center
200 Commercial St SE
Salem, OR 97301


Pringle Creek Room

7:30      Registration

Willamette Foyer and Hallway

7:30      Exhibit Show, Beverages, and Donuts

Willamette A&B

Session 1 | Chair: Amy Spence | Innovations in Processing

8:30      Door Prizes, Welcome & Opening Remarks: Amy Spence

8:35      Forecasted Applications of Smart Manufacturing in Dairy: Eva Kuhn

9:05      Agri-Food Robotics Research at OSU: Joe Davidson

9:35      Panel: Statewide Capabilities that Enable Innovation and Manufacturing:

Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center: Craig Campbell

OSU Energy Efficiency Center’s DOE – Industrial Assessment Center: Karl Haapala

Future Ready Oregon: Jennifer Purcell

DMI: Paul Ziemnisky

Willamette Foyer and Hallway

10:25    Break and Exhibit Show

Willamette A&B

Session 2 | Chair: Sheri Cole | Innovations in Processing

10:40    Session Chair: Sheri Cole 

10:45    Recycling Modernization Act and Implications to Processors: Trevor Beltz

11:15    Panel on Continuous Improvement (specific tools and implementation): Russ Ellsworth, Stephanie Olmsted, Scott Butler

12:00    Lunch – Willamette C&D 

Croisan Creek

Session 3 Breakout | Milk Quality 

1:15      Milk Quality Defects: Jessica Gutierrez, Sara Maruyama 

Willamette A&B

Session 3 | Chair: Anne Goetze | Health and Wellness

1:15      Session Chair: Anne Goetze, Door Prize

1:20      Landscape of Global Product Innovation: Donna Berry

1:50      DMI H&W Landscape: Paul Ziemnisky

2:20      FIC Product Development in H&W: Melanie Hanlon

Willamette Foyer and Hallway

2:50      Exhibit Show, Ice Cream Break

Willamette A&B

Session 4 | Chair: Marc Bates | Health and Wellness 

3:10      Session Chair: Marc Bates

3:15      Processor Opportunities and Funding Options – Pacific Coast Coalition: Susan Pheasant

3:40      Dairy Ingredients for Health and Wellness – A Focus on Performance Nutrition: Rohit Kapoor 

4:05      Milk Micro Ingredients: Dave Dallas

4:30      Evaluation Drawing and Adjourn

Grand Hotel Boardroom

5:30      Hospitality Suite


Pringle Creek Room

7:30      Registration

Willamette Foyer and Hallway

7:30      Exhibit Show, Beverages, and Donuts

Willamette A&B

Session 5 | Chair: Lisbeth Goddik | OSU Updates

8:30      Door Prize

8:40      Student Researchers (OSU: Maddie Enriquez, Paige Benson, Joanna Haas, Alyssa Thibodeau, Marie Ryan, Lauren Peck, Zoe Anderson, Rudy Sykora, Sage Taylor, Bishal Barman, WSU: Bryan Pepito)

9:40      OSU Dairy Program Update: Lisbeth Goddik

Willamette Foyer and Hallway

10:05    Break and Exhibit Show

Willamette A&B

Session 6 |  Chair: Julie Rentsch | Consumers and Marketing

10:20    ODNC Consumer Research Findings: Emily Fuller

10:45    Working with Thought Leaders: Lewis Martin (moderator), Justin Zellinger, Michelle Jenck, Lynne Shore

11:15    Resiliency of Oregon Dairy Farms: Jennifer Cruickshank         

11:40    Lunch – Croisan Creek

12:00    ODI Business Meeting – Croisan Creek

12:30    Exhibit Show Tear Down

Willamette A&B

Session 7 | Chair: Diep Wisniewski | Closing Session

1:00      Session Chair: Diep Wisniewski

1:05      Keynote Speaker: Elevating OR Food and Beverage Sector: Joth Ricci

1:45      Oregon Dairy Story: Facerock, Greg Drobot

2:10      Remembering Floyd Bodyfelt, “The Life of a True Dairy Scientist”

2:20      Annual ODI Awards Program: Amy Spence and Oregon Dairy Princess 

2:55      Evaluation Drawing, Closing Remarks: Diep Wisnewski

Willamette C&D

3:00      2024 ODI Elliker Cheese Tray


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PO Box 256
Gresham, OR 97030


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